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Bifold Doors & Sliding Folding Doors

Breathe life into your living space with Bifold doors, creating new openings

Bifold Doors installers in Hampshire

Sliding folding doors or bi fold doors are sophisticated door systems that can dramatically transform your home by bringing more natural light in and adding an elegantly stylish solution to your home improvements.

The great thing about sliding folding doors or bi fold doors is that they slide smoothly on gliding steel rollers and fold back so that you have unobstructed views and a seamless connection to the outdoors. With no frame to trip over, you can be assured that your children and pets can run in and out safely.

The unique slide and fold dual hollow aluminium system means the doors are strong but low maintenance with slim sightlines for a more elegant look. The larger amount of glass with sliding sashes doesn’t mean weather resistance or thermal efficiency is compromised.

High security multi-point locking systems and shoot bolts on floating mullions are used on all our doors. The glazing has internal beading meaning the glass can only be removed from the inside. There is a wide variety of sash configurations for your sliding folding doors or bi fold doors. They can open at the ends or the centre, stack left or right, open out or in.

Bring the outdoors, in with bifolding doors

With our great choice of designs and our huge range of colours and finishes available, you can have the perfect match of doors for the style and character of your home, whether you prefer a traditional or more contemporary look.

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Corner Bifold Doors

Bi fold Doors Technical

  • Create a larger space in the summer
  • Extruded out of aluminium-alloy AlMgSi 0,5 F22 according to DIN 1725
  • Built-in depth: outer frame 78 mm, sash 70 mm
  • Sealings: with extruded EPDM rubbers and PP-brushes
  • Glazing: from 4 to 37 mm
  • Available in Aluminium Smart Solutions – Visofold

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